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Your guide to making the best choice from the enormous variety of marble colours in Singapore

The extensive choice of marble colours makes this natural stone a popular option for surfaces in many areas of the home, including tiling, wall panels, floor coverings, and kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Marble is typically a light-toned stone. When it’s been formed with few impurities, it’ll be white. Marble containing iron oxides or clay minerals comes in a huge array of colours.

The various colours of marble are beautiful in themselves, but are further enhanced by the stone’s natural heavy veining, graceful patterning, and grainy appearance.

Colours can affect our mood

Colour is a vital element of interior design. It can make small spaces look larger, and have a big impact on your mood – even though you might not realise it.

The historic importance of colour psychology is underlined by common phrases we use today, such as “seeing red” and “feeling blue”. In an article titled “How Color Affects Our Mood” in the Huffington Post, award-winning health and beauty writer Rachel Grumman Bender explains why mood and colour are inseparable.

Although colour is a matter of personal preference, certain shades tend to have specific effects that influence our perceptions, and how we feel.

For instance, you’ve probably noticed how some chic hotels and restaurants often use black in their decor. They do this because black signifies elegance and luxury, which also makes it a favourite choice in homes, particularly when it comes to marble flooring colours.

Blue marble is a common choice for bathroom vanity tops because of its calming nature, while shades of red can provide a feeling of warmth when used as wall panelling in living rooms. Classic sparkling white marble will stand the test of time and it remains a firm favourite for kitchens and bathrooms.

Selecting the marble colours that are right for you

Marble colours come with so many options that you can find just the right fit to reflect your individual style tastes and personality. Besides personal preferences, your choice of marble colour can also be guided by your current situation.

For example, if you might be looking to sell your home in the near future, it’s advisable to stick to neutral marble colours, which are likely to appeal to potential buyers – and therefore increase the market worth of your house.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on staying put, the world’s your oyster when it comes to choosing from the marble colour palette…

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Choosing your marble colour with Singapore Stone Industry

The wide variation of marble colours makes it possible to choose a shade that will precisely match your existing décor and individual tastes, whether you want to make a bold design statement or prefer a more conservative style.

Singapore Stone Industry directly imports the finest semi-finished marble products for bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and more in a vast array of hues, so we can help you to find the exact shade that’s right for you and your home. This is an important decision to bear in mind because our marble products will practically last forever – and your choice of colour is going to be with you for a very long time.

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