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Dependable onyx supplier and installer that will make your home look like a million dollars

A quality onyx supplier and installer can give your home a regal splendour that will really make it stand out with an opulent, lavish look that represents a powerful status symbol.

Onyx is the showstopper in the world of natural stones. Onyx slabs and tiling will bring a sumptuous look of extravagant indulgence to your home that tends to eclipse other natural stone countertops, slabs, and tiles.

The onyx narrative is a rags-to-riches story of the natural world. The stone begins life hidden away from the world in damp, dark caverns, but, thanks to the forces of nature, develops into the coveted precious commodity we know today.

Onyx is formed in caves with the creation of stalagmites and stalactites. It’s a variety of layered chalcedony, an oxide mineral that’s a micro-crystalline type of silica, and it typically contains swirling patterns of pastel colours.

Classed as a precious stone, onyx is rare and expensive. Onyx slabs and tiles will actually look like gemstones when installed in your home – it’s like giving diamonds to your kitchen or bathroom!

A look of luxury for bathrooms and kitchens

A highly decorative stone with unique, rich patterning, and a broad range of colour variations, onyx can provide a sleek, stunning centrepiece when used as kitchen worktops or bathroom vanity tops, particularly with skilful application of lighting.

Onyx boasts a magnificent spectrum of patterns and colours including white, black, brown, yellow, and green tones. The semi-translucent veining of onyx flows smoothly like liquid through its various colours, producing an alluring visual impact – which can be heightened when it’s illuminated from underneath to create a soft glow.

On the downside, onyx countertops are on the softer end of the stone density scale. So, onyx will stain and scratch more easily than other natural stones, such as granite.

Pros and cons of onyx

Despite the relatively high cost of onyx, it remains an enduring choice for people looking to add a truly special touch to their homes. For these householders, the beauty and exclusivity of onyx outweigh the expense and need for careful maintenance.


  • Magnificent appearance. The delicate elegance of onyx as probably the most beautiful of natural stones makes it a highly desirable feature in homes. The unique patterning and apparent movement within onyx give it an intriguing, exceptionally visually-appealing quality.
  • Adding value to your home. An onyx countertop in your kitchen or bathroom will potentially increase the worth of your property on resale. Home-hunters regard kitchens and bathrooms as key areas, and will be prepared to dig deeper into their pockets for extravagant onyx features.
  • Customisation to suit your tastes. Besides the array of colours that onyx offers, you can further tailor your onyx countertops to suit your style preferences by choosing from a selection of finishes and edge profiles. Popular finishes include matt or gloss, while common edging profiles include mitred and bevelled.


  • Prone to scratches and stains. The relative softness of onyx makes it susceptible to scratching, staining, acid etching, and erosion from water damage. Regular household cleaning products can also damage the surface. Special cleansers and sealants are required to preserve the beauty of onyx.
  • High cost. As a precious stone, onyx is costly because of its rarity and exclusivity, and this puts it beyond the reach of many households.

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Singapore Stone Industry, your expert onyx supplier and installer

Owing to the fragility of onyx surfaces, they must be handled with extreme care during fabrication and installation.

At Singapore Stone Industry, we care about our stones and we care about our customers. You can rest assured that our expert fabricators and installers – with combined experience of more than 50 years – will give your onyx product the tender loving care it deserves.

As a top-quality onyx distributor, we obtain our products directly from premium sources, so you know your onyx countertop will be of the highest quality.

We’re proud of our track record as a highly-reliable onyx dealer, and we maintain this reputation by our insistence on using the best products, backed by total commitment to our customers.

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