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Specialist onyx stone countertop supplier and installer that will give your home the definitive look of luxury

A professional onyx stone countertop supplier and installer for bathrooms and kitchens can add the ultimate finishing touch to an already stylish home or inject a new lease of life into an otherwise ordinary-looking design style.

Classed as a gemstone, onyx is costly because of its splendour and rarity. This exclusivity, accentuated by each piece being unique, guarantees that an onyx stone countertop will be an impressive feature in your home.

If your existing kitchen or bathroom is towards the high end of the quality scale, cheap and cheerful counters just won’t fit the bill, but the opulent elegance of onyx countertops will be the crowning glory in any space.

On the other hand, if your average-looking kitchen or bathroom is looking tired, splashing out on a single, high-quality focus of attention like an onyx top will take these areas to a new level.

Why onyx is the diva of the natural stone world

Materials used to make a countertop – the continuous surface fitted above cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms ­– include laminate, wood, stainless steel, engineered stone, and natural stone.

While in many cases, practicality is as important as appearance when it comes to choosing a countertop, onyx is an exception. Home-owners who opt for onyx countertops in their kitchens and bathrooms are focused to a much greater degree on the stone’s aesthetic aspect rather than its functionality.

If you can afford the expense of onyx, it’ll certainly set your house apart from the majority of homes. Although it requires some pampering, onyx exudes a sense of prosperity and elegance like no other natural stone or man-made surface material.

Overcoming the challenges of onyx

People who choose onyx countertops are willing to sacrifice practical considerations for the sake of the luxurious splendour that makes the stone a potent status symbol.

The disadvantage of an onyx countertop is, ironically, the delicacy that makes it so appealing. The fragility of the stone renders it vulnerable to water damage, scratches, and stains.

However, these problems can be minimised with careful maintenance, including the use of special cleaning products (run-of-the-mill household cleansers can harm the surface) and repeated application of sealants designed specifically for onyx.

Onyx may be delicate but it’s highly durable in terms of longevity, and will, with proper care, last as long as more robust stones like granite and marble.

Case study: Is onyx worth the expense?

When Peter Kim and Jazreel Tan were deciding which natural stone would be best for the bar countertop in their new bungalow, they considered granite and marble but were finally drawn to the more exotic onyx.

They chose a white onyx stone bar countertop to complement their contemporary living room design, and having the surface fitted with undercounter LED (light-emitting diode) panels showed off the translucent beauty of the stone perfectly.

On balance, the couple decided the extra special touch of exclusive luxuriousness was worth the initial expense of their onyx top and the relatively high level of maintenance it would require.

Peter and Jazreel justified the expense on the grounds that it’s a solid long-term investment that, should they decide to sell up, would add value to their house.

Wish to speak with an experienced and dependable stone surfaces supplier and installer about your needs?

Finding the best onyx stone countertops

As an experienced onyx supplier, Singapore Stone Industry directly imports only the finest-quality onyx, which enables us to fulfil our commitment of providing the best onyx stone countertops available.

Our specialist installers are highly experienced in fitting onyx kitchen countertops and onyx bathroom countertops, which, by their nature, are delicate and fragile pieces of stone that demand the utmost care when being handled.

We’re also skilled in the maintenance of onyx tops, which require a greater degree of care and attention compared with other stones. So, we can help you to keep your new onyx surface looking as good as the day we installed it.

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