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Experienced onyx bathroom vanity and vanity top supplier and installer that will give your bathroom the wow factor

Finding a reputable onyx bathroom vanity and vanity top supplier and installer will enable you to create a striking centrepiece in your bathroom that will last for many years. Nothing compares to onyx when it comes to introducing a look of luxurious extravagance into a bathroom.

As a gemstone, onyx exudes a sense of subtle indulgence, and, when crafted into a vanity top, it brings the same level of aesthetic appeal to a bathroom. The sense of grandeur of an onyx vanity top will instantly reinvigorate any bathroom by providing a resplendent focal point that radiates character and quality.

A bathroom vanity consists of a sink, or sometimes two basins, with cabinetry that as well as providing storage space helps to hide plumbing. Bathroom cabinets are typically made from solid wood or engineered wood like MDF (medium-density fibreboard) or particle board.

Vanity tops form an important component of fitted and freestanding bathroom units. They come in different materials, including laminate, wood, natural stone and engineered stone. Vanities, and especially their tops, are generally the showpiece of a bathroom.

Onyx bathroom vanity tops, with their swirling patterns and beautiful colouring, will make any bathroom stand out, adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to the space.

Why onyx counters are popular in bathrooms

Onyx tops are more popular in bathrooms than kitchens. As a calcium-based and relatively soft natural stone, onyx is susceptible to staining and damage from scratches. It’s particularly vulnerable to acidic substances like vinegar and fruit juice, which can etch the surface.

While these issues deter some people from installing onyx tops in their kitchen, they pose far less risk in a bathroom. Some home-owners even opt for onyx basins as well as countertops.

The translucent properties of onyx that allow light to pass through are an enchanting hallmark of the stone. This semi-transparency, while an alluring feature in its own right, can be emphasised even further by the use of undercounter lighting to produce an intriguing and wondrous mood-enhancing effect. This reinforces the design message of relaxation – perfect for a bathroom.

Nature has bestowed an array of beautiful colours on onyx, which typically boasts amazing shades of white, brown, yellow, and green tones to complement its exquisite patterns. You can also choose from various finishes and edge profiles to ensure your onyx bathroom vanity is an exact match with your style preferences.

Case study: How onyx can transform a bathroom

Eileen Tay had installed a granite worktop in their kitchen because of its robustness, but for the bathroom, she wanted to create a soothing ambience with a surface that’s more visually appealing.

Eileen fell in love with the aesthetic appeal of onyx and decided it would be sufficiently durable – with careful sealing and proper maintenance – to provide a practical countertop in her bathroom.

She chose a green onyx bathroom vanity top, with matching basin. Eileen felt that this colour, with its associations with nature, would help to create the sense of calmness she wanted to achieve in making her bathroom a relaxing sanctuary to escape the stresses of modern life.

Eileen was even more delighted to discover how underlighting the stone surface brought the colour and patterning to life in a way that gave it a sense of warmth and mellowness.

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The best onyx bathroom vanities and vanity tops

As a quality onyx supplier and installer, Singapore Stone Industry imports, fabricates, and installs top-quality onyx vanity tops.

Our skilled onyx fabrication and installation technicians are experienced in handling this fragile stone with the care and attention it demands. In our hands, your new onyx top will take your bathroom to a new level, adding a sense of majestic grandeur that will take pride of place in your bathroom design.

We can also offer advice on how to look after your onyx vanity, which, because of its delicacy, will require a little more maintenance than other natural stone surfaces.

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