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How to make the most of the wide choice of travertine colours in Singapore

The broad spectrum of travertine colours provides an opportunity to create an atmosphere of sumptuous elegance in your home or business establishment that will complement any design style.

Travertine colours vary from light creamy and soft ivory whites to lavish tones of honey and walnut, rustic reds, shades of mocha coffee, and lustrous greens.

Pieces of travertine are never a single, solid colour because of variations in their organic and mineral make-up. The colours will fluctuate with the degree of mottling, veining and bands of contrasting hues throughout the stone. This gives each stone a unique character and style.

The wide choice of travertine colours makes this stone an enduring choice among property owners seeking to bring the sophisticated, elegant beauty of travertine into their habitat, typically as countertops, wall cladding and panels, feature walls, and table tops.

The versatility of travertine colours

Colour plays a major psychological role in how spaces impact on people’s moods. It can also make big areas look smaller, and vice versa.

The way we regard different colours is down to personal, subjective preferences, but certain shades tend to have common interpretations. For example, tones of blue are generally seen as having a calming influence, while warm colours on the reddish side of the spectrum are perceived as comforting or energising.

Travertine’s array of warm, earthy tones is ideal for helping to create a relaxing ambience, while the stone’s richer hues can provide an invigorating atmosphere. For instance, a travertine bathroom vanity top in a pastel shade will provide a sense of tranquillity, while a more striking colour for a feature wall will create a stunning focal point in a living room.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, travertine’s neutral colours – particularly in the kitchen and bathroom – will help you to add value to your property.

The natural splendour of travertine’s various colours is further heightened by the stone’s exquisite veining, patterning, and crystal formations, which can add a sense of textural depth to an interior design scheme.

Popular travertine colours in Singapore homes

The array of colour options that travertine presents will enable you to select the shade that mirrors your individual design tastes and personality.

In fact, the range of travertine colours is so broad that you might be overwhelmed as you try to decide on the tone that’s right for you. So, let’s take a look at some of the more popular travertine colours that can be found in residential and commercial properties in Singapore, and what makes them so attractive.

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Need help in choosing your travertine colour?

Singapore Stone Industry is an experienced travertine supplier and directly imports the best travertine products in a broad spectrum of colours to help you to choose the shade that’s right for your taste preferences and existing decor, whether you’re attracted to neutral hues or want to create a stunning centrepiece.

We can also advise you on a selection of finishes and edge profiles that will help to show off your travertine colour to maximum effect.

As part of our total commitment to customer service, we’ll also give you guidance on how to look after your new travertine product to keep its colour looking as good as new over the years.

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