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Helping you to choose from the staggering selection of colours of quartz countertops, kitchen tops, worktops, and more in Singapore

The extensive choice of colours of quartz countertops, kitchen tops, and worktops guarantees that you can find the shade that works best for you and your home. While quartz can’t replicate the splendour of natural stone, it makes up for this in providing a far wider variety of colours.

Quartz stone colours come in all hues of the colour spectrum, from traditional black and white, through beige and cream, to more unusual tones such as orange and teal.

Quartz colour is largely provided by the natural quartzite minerals in the engineered product, but additional colorants can be employed to give you an even wider choice to help you find the tone that suits your individual preferences and creates the design style mood you’re looking to achieve.

For instance, blue bathroom quartz vanities and vanity tops can create a sense of relaxation, while black or white engineered quartz products and surfaces always look good in kitchens. Other popular quartz kitchen worktops colours include beige and cream.

Popular and more unusual colours of quartz countertops, kitchen tops, and worktops

Selecting a particular tone from the vast array of quartz countertop colours can be a difficult decision because there’re so many hues to choose from. So, we’ve put together an overview of some of the most popular – and not so common – quartz worktop colours.

However, the best quartz stone worktop suppliers will be able to offer a more comprehensive guide to quartz colours, and give you a better idea of how a specific shade will look in your home.

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Singapore Stone Industry offers the best engineered quartz countertops in a broad range of colours to help you find the shade that’s right for you and provide an attractive focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you prefer neutral shades or are looking to make a bold design statement with more vivid colours, our expertise in quartz surfaces and their colours can help you to achieve the interior design of your dreams.

We’re also an experienced quartz stone table top supplier and wholesaler, and our table tops also come with a comprehensive colour palette.

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