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The best bathroom quartz vanities and vanity tops supplier and installer that will banish health concerns

The best bathroom quartz vanities and vanity tops can provide standards of hygiene that most natural stone surfaces can’t achieve. Quartz bathroom tops are also good-looking and easy to clean.

A vanity comprises a sink (or two basins) and a countertop surface with storage cabinets beneath. The cabinetry often conceals plumbing, too. Vanity tops are generally made from waterproofed or water-resistant materials including solid wood, particle board, plywood, laminate, marble, granite, solid surface material, tiles, or quartz.

Vanity tops are an important component of bathroom units, typically forming the focal point of the space.

Bathroom quartz vanity tops contain around 95% quartzite – a natural stone that’s one of nature’s hardest minerals – plus resin and pigment additives. The natural durability of quartzite makes engineered quartz tougher than granite, while the manufacturing process results in a low level of porosity and high resilience to staining.

Quartz vanity tops with a sink can be found in many Singapore homes and commercial settings, as can quartz double sink vanity tops, in larger bathrooms. While quartz bathroom vanity tops cannot equal the sumptuous elegance of natural stones like granite, marble, and onyx, they can still be a stylish centrepiece in any bathroom.

Engineered quartz also hold many advantages over natural stone.

Why choose bathroom quartz vanities and vanity tops?

One of the main benefits of quartz vanity tops is that they provide a high level of hygiene.  Bathrooms are prone to the formation of toxic mildew and harmful bacteria, caused by the fungi in mould that thrives in damp, warm atmospheres.

The minimisation of porosity during the quartz manufacturing process results in a surface that’s more resistant to microbes and mildew than most natural stones. The Singapore Government’s Building & Construction Authority (BCA) says quartz’s effectiveness against the growth of bacteria makes it particularly suitable for use as surfaces in wet areas like bathrooms.

Looking after a quartz vanity top is a breeze compared with the degree of maintenance required for natural stone surfaces. Quartz doesn’t need repeated sealing or special cleaning products – you just wipe down your vanity with warm soapy water.

While some natural stone vanities are vulnerable to scratches, the curing process of engineered quartz vanity tops makes them more able to withstand wear and tear and accidental knocks.

Engineered quartz is also waterproof and stain resistant.

Customising your quartz vanity top

A further advantage of quartz vanity tops lies in the diversity of the surface’s intrinsic visual appeal – ranging from a sleek, smooth appearance to a more textured, flecked look. Quartz can also be made to look like natural stones such as marble or granite.

However, engineered quartz won’t provide the uniqueness and natural splendour of the swirling, veined patterns of some natural stones. Some people consider this a drawback, while others embrace the idea of a more consistent look.

The extensive range of quartz countertops allows for customisation of styles, colours, and patterns. Quartz boasts a wide-ranging selection of colours, including cream, beige, blue, green, orange, and red, as well as white and black.

You can also choose from a range of finishes and edge profiles. Quartz finishes include honed, for a natural, matte look, and polished, for a glossier appearance. Popular edging profiles include the elegant look of a bevelled edge and the sleek appearance of a square edging profile.

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A lavish look at an affordable price

Singapore Stone Industry specialises in the supply and installation of quality engineered quartz products and surfaces.

Our quartz vanity tops will give your bathroom a look of luxury while being highly practical as a water- and stain-resistant surface that’s impervious to bacteria and easy to look after.

We can offer you a broad range of affordable quartz vanity colours and patterns, finishes and edge profiles, tailored to your specific requirements, and fitted by our experienced and highly-skilled installers.

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