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Quality engineered quartz products and surfaces provide property owners with the opportunity to give their valuable asset a stylish new lease of life, without the maintenance worries associated with more delicate, natural stone.

Canvastone‘s engineered quartz (commonly called “quartz”) contains approximately 90% of raw quartz aggregate chippings, which are crushed and blended with polyester resin and other additives. As the mixture is compacted into slabs, the process minimises porosity and increases water resistance. The slabs are then cured in a kiln, which makes them resilient to staining and impact.

Household and commercial applications for quartz products include countertops, table tops, wall cladding and panels.

Qualities of Canvastone engineered quartz products and surfaces

The high level of hygiene and the range of stylish options afforded by manufactured quartz makes it particularly popular as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Also, it’s non-toxic and non-allergenic.

The robustness of engineered quartz, makes it impervious to abrasions, dents, and even acids, without the need for sealants. Hence, your quartz product will last a lifetime.

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Engineered quartz vs solid surfaces

Solid surface countertops were first introduced by Du Pont in 1967, under the Corian brand name. They’re manufactured by mixing mineral dusts (commonly marble) with a variety of plastic resins and colour pigments. Now, there’s a huge number of brand names to choose from.

Even though engineered quartz is costlier than solid surface, it does have a number of notable advantages over the latter:

  • Heat resistance. While solid surfaces are somewhat resistant to scorching, engineered quartz is much more so. Quartz is also less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.
  • Scratch resistance. Man-made quartz is extremely hard (natural quartzite is second only to diamond, sapphire, and topaz in terms of toughness), so it’ll take a great deal to create scratch marks on it. However, solid surface materials are grazed easily, thereby increasing its matte-like feel over time.
  • Polished finishing. Surfaces made of engineered quartz can be polished to high-gloss. Even though solid surfaces can also be polished, we advise against it because scratches will develop almost immediately.

Nevertheless, solid surface tops do have an advantage: their seams aren’t visible because the seaming caulk blends perfectly with the solid-surface material.

That said, our skilful installer will be able to minimise the visibility of the seams of quartz surfaces.

Engineered quartz vs natural stones

Although quartz can’t quite match the beauty of natural stones such as granite and marble, it does have several key benefits compared with natural stone products. These advantages include:

  • Higher level of durability. While natural stones are susceptible to scratching, the curing process of engineered quartz makes the material more resistant to wear and tear and accidental damage.
  • Superior hygienic properties. The porosity of engineered quartz is minimised during the manufacturing process, making the product more resistant to mildew and mould than most natural stones.
  • Easier cleaning. The hard, non-porous, stain-resistant surface of quartz needs no special cleaning products. It can be simply washed down with soapy water. Unlike natural stone, quartz doesn’t need sealing.
  • More uniform appearance. In the absence of the “movement” of flowing veins in natural stones, quartz provides more consistent patterning and colouring, which can make it easier to select a product that fits your existing decor.

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Canvastone’s engineered quartz products

Our quartz products are made-to-measure – based on your actual requirements.

For the tops, common edging profiles include square (for a sleek look) and bevelled (for a more sophisticated appearance). And popular finishes include polished (which makes it even easier to keep clean) and honed (for a more natural look).

Quartz countertops

According to the Houzz home renovation and design platform, quartz is a stunning “style chameleon of countertops”, with a host of options to suit all tastes.

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Quartz table tops

Quartz table tops can add a stylish touch to your dwelling or commercial setup, without the higher level of maintenance associated with natural stone surfaces.

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Quartz vanity tops

Singapore’s Building & Construction Authority (BCA) says quartz’s resistance to bacterial growth also makes it suitable for use in wet areas such as bathroom vanity tops and shower surrounds.

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Quartz stone colours

The extensive choice of colours of quartz countertops, kitchen tops, and table tops guarantees that you can find the shade that works best for you and your home. Although quartz can’t replicate the splendour of natural stone, it makes up for this in providing a far wider variety of colours.

Quartz stone colours come in all hues of the colour spectrum, from traditional black and white, through beige and cream, to more unusual tones such as orange and teal.

Black quartz

Black is a powerful colour typifying confidence and self-assurance, and in some ancient cultures signified life itself. Black is technically the absence of colour, so it works particularly well with white, which is produced by all the hues of the colour spectrum. A black quartz countertop in a building lobby can provide a dramatic contrast in neutral surroundings.

Brown quartz

The earthy shades of brown produce sensations of strength, security, and reliability. Commonly found in nature, brown provides a feel of maturity and comfort when introduced into the home. Brown quartz countertops can enhance the rustic appeal of a traditional-style kitchen, while dark brown quartz countertops can be used to dramatic effect against a backdrop of beige or yellow.

Red quartz

Red is the attention-grabber of the colour spectrum, but this scintillating shade can also produce a sensation of reassurance. A red quartz worktop in a predominantly neutral-coloured kitchen will create a striking, yet comforting, focal point.

White quartz

Sparkling white quartz countertops will provide an atmosphere of purity and serenity, especially if paired with black surroundings for a classic, timeless look. White brings the added bonus of making small spaces look larger, so a white quartz vanity top is ideal for small bathrooms. The fresh, cooling feel of white makes it a popular quartz colour choice in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Engineered quartz prices

Generic quartz products typically cost about the same as granite – starting from S$90 per foot run for standard countertops.

However, the price of quartz goes up with the degree of intricacy in the manufacturing process and the popularity of the brand. At the high end, branded quartz, like Caesarstone and Silestone, can be 3 times dearer than mass-market brands.


Quality + Affordability

Canvastone’s establishing ourselves as a leading stone surfaces supplier and installer, and we offer quality quartz products and quartz surfaces for both residential and commercial premises at competitive prices.

Our products are backed by a warranty of 1 year or more, depending on the material used.

Besides supply and installation, our engineered quartz services also cover replacements, restorations, and repairs.

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