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Expert granite, marble, and travertine countertop and floor polishing services provider that will give you back your sparkle

Professional granite, marble, and travertine countertop and floor polishing services can bring the sparkle back to the appearance of your home or business premises.

Granite and marble are premium materials renowned for their long-lasting beauty, but over time they will begin to lose their lustre as the surface becomes worn, dulled and scratched, despite regular cleaning and basic maintenance.

Professional services provided by a stone surfaces specialist will restore your countertops and floors to their former glory by using specialised polishing techniques and products that will make your stone surfaces look as good as new.

Polishing stone brings out its natural beauty while reinforcing the protective seal that boosts its durability. However, mistakes can be costly, particularly if the wrong chemicals are used and these break down the sealant.

When it comes to polishing granite and marble floors, you can have too much of a good thing. An experienced marble and granite floor polishing company will never make your surface so shiny that it poses a safety risk by being too slippery.

The marble and granite countertop and floor polishing procedure

The professional granite and marble polishing procedure begins with a thorough cleaning of the surface to ensure it’s free from any debris or dirt.

Special stone polishing powder can be used wet or dry to restore the gleam to your marble or granite while removing minor stains and scratches. Professionals will use different types of compound depending on whether the primary colour of the stone is light or dark. They’ll also take care not to exert too much pressure, which can damage the stone.

Granite and marble countertop polish typically comes in the form of a cream containing light abrasives to avoid the risk of scratching the surface.

Floors typically have a far greater surface area than countertops, and there’re 4 basic granite and marble polishing methods professionals use to polish stone flooring:

  • Buffing with polishing powders and compounds. These substances contain fine grains of an abrasive oxide, and the process is similar to the sanding of diamonds, but with a much finer abrasive. The powder is applied to the surface and then water added to form a paste that’s rubbed into the floor.
  • Grinding with diamond abrasives. In this process, industrial-grade diamonds fitted onto discs are attached to the drive plate of a floor-buffing machine. The procedure is repeated with finer grits of diamonds unto the desired finish is achieved.
  • Waxing with polymer coatings. The surface is coated with liquid or semi-liquid wax in the form of polymers. Some products can be left as applied while others require buffing to achieve a glossy finish.
  • Crystallisation. A chemical is sprayed onto the stone and worked in with steel wool pads, creating glass-like crystals on the surface. Heat and friction is then applied to these crystals with a floor-buffing machine to create the finished polish.

The cost of polishing stone countertops and floors depends largely on the condition of your surface. For instance, marble floor polishing rates will be higher if your surface has gone for many years with little care and attention. Other factors that affect marble polishing prices include the number of coats required and the length of time the job is likely to take.

Wish to speak with an experienced and dependable stone surfaces supplier and installer about your needs?

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Taking care of your newly-polished surfaces

Once your countertops or floors have been restored to their original splendour by a specialist granite polishing company or professional marble polishing service, you’ll want to keep them looking pristine for as long as possible.

An understanding of how your surface came to need polishing in the first place will be a helpful guide to future care and maintenance. Issues that can cause a granite or marble surface to become lacklustre include:

  • Failure to reseal regularly or using the wrong type of sealant.
  • Cleaning with products containing chemicals that damage the stone.
  • Excessive exposure to dirt through inadequate or irregular cleaning.
  • Poor workmanship in fabrication or installation.
  • Previous substandard marble or granite countertop polishing process.
  • Previous inferior granite or marble floor polishing service.

Here are a couple of cleaning tips for granite and marble surfaces:

  • Sweep (or vacuum) and mop your stone floors regularly to remove grit and dirt. A microfibre mop is particular handy because you can use it dry or wet. Alternatively, steam cleaners will remove grease and dirt while killing bacteria and dust mites.
  • Wipe down spills straight away. The “soft” nature of marble countertops makes them particularly susceptible to staining. Don’t use acidic or abrasive cleaning products, which can damage both granite and marble countertop surfaces. If in doubt about which cleansers are safe for your marble floor, consult a professional marble floor polishing company.
Get the expertise of a top granite, marble, and travertine countertop and floor polishing company

Singapore Stone Industry has a wealth of experience in producing polished finishes for new granite and marble surfaces in its fabrication department, prior to installation. And they can bring this expertise into your home or business to bring the sparkle back to your premises with a high standard of floor and countertop refinishing.

Our skilled technicians ensure they’re always up to speed with latest developments in stone polishing techniques and technology.

Whether you’re looking for the best granite polishing service, quality marble polishing services, or a brilliant travertine tile polish, Singapore Stone Industry can bring a factory-fresh gleam to your countertops and floors, and advise you on how to keep them looking good for years to come.

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