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The reason that marble products for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, and so on remain an enduring choice for many people lies in the sheer beauty of this natural stone, which can take any property to a new level style-wise.

In terms of sheer elegance, it’s hard to beat marble if you’re looking to add a subtle touch of class to your house or business establishment. And the timeless elegance of this stone will, with minimal maintenance, introduce a classic sophistication into your habitat.

In general, marble prices have dropped substantially over the years, allowing more and more property owners to take advantage of its natural splendour.

Marble is a metamorphic stone formed by the recrystallisation of calcite-laden limestone as the sedimentary rock softened under pressure and heat, changing its texture. Marble is typically heavily veined, with a grainy appearance caused by skeletal fragments of marine organisms. It’s less porous than limestone because its calcite crystals are locked together.

Marble products come in a range of colours, generally in light shades, including white, black, blue, green, and red. The stone may also have coloured streaks formed by non-calcite minerals.

An exquisite gift from nature

Nature has given marble exquisite patterning, which will make your home look luxurious and give it a sense of prosperity.

Besides these aesthetic qualities, introducing marble products, like marble cladding and panels, into your home can bring financial benefits: should you decide to sell your house, these features will appeal to many prospective buyers, potentially increasing the value of your property.

One disadvantage of marble is that it can be more susceptible to staining and scratches because it’s softer and more porous than some other stones, such as granite. Nevertheless, Matthew Holder, director of industry products at Houzz, the home improvement platform, asserts that the beauty of marble still makes it a popular choice.

This unfading beauty of marble, with its subtle colourings and incomparable patterns, has established it as a firm favourite among home-owners in Singapore. No two pieces of marble are alike, and these naturally-stylish irregularities will make any surface in your home unique.

Marble products for kitchen, bathroom, shower, and more

The use of marble can greatly enhance the look of walls and floors throughout your premises, but marble products really come into their own in adding a sophisticated feel to bathrooms and kitchens, with the added bonus that they’re easy to clean.

Marble for bathrooms

Besides providing outstanding vanity tops in the bathroom, marble tiling will also significantly enhance splashbacks and bathtub surrounds.

Marble for a shower can be used to create an impressive lining for a shower room or cubicle.

The feel of luxury that marble exudes is the reason why it’s the stone of choice in five-star hotels and restaurants.

Marble for kitchens

Marble countertops affixed with slabs, rather than tiles, are generally used in kitchens, and their durability will ensure a high-performing work surface over a long time while maintaining their stunning appearance.

Because of its heat-conducting property, frozen marble slab is used to mix and create ice cream in concept frozen dessert parlour – Marble Slab Creamery.

Where does marble work best?

While marble is softer and more absorbent than granite, it’s still sufficiently robust for any application in your home.

However, you need to relate your choice of finish to how your marble product will be used. For instance, a highly-polished finish is ideal for a kitchen countertop but would be too slippery for a bathroom floor. Other popular finishes for marble include honed, for a natural-looking appearance, and leathered, for a soft sheen.

You can further customise marble countertops by selecting from a range of edge profiles, including mitred and bevelled.

Marble vanity tops are a particularly popular option for bathrooms, while some people favour granite in kitchens because of its greater durability.

Another alternative to marble is branded engineered quartz, which can be 40% dearer than marble. Because quartz is a manufactured surface, it’s difficult to replicate the patterning and veining of natural stone like marble.

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Quality marble products fitted with expertise

As a leading supplier of natural stone countertops, slabs, and tiles, Singapore Stone Industry can offer you a range of competitively-priced quality marble products to help you add a touch of charm and splendour to your home.

As an experienced installer of marble surfaces, we can guarantee your new kitchen, bathroom, or shower will be fitted to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

The high standard of our marble products and the expertise of our installation service are backed by our total commitment to satisfy or even exceed our customers’ expectations.

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