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As a skilled granite countertop supplier and contractor, Canvastone can bring a unique, timeless element of stylish splendour into your home or business establishment.

Granite remains a top choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of its natural beauty and ability to cope with wear and tear.

Professionally-fitted granite surfaces can enhance the appearance and functionality of kitchens and bathrooms to the extent of increasing your home’s market value.

Where granite can be used

Kitchens in homes and business setups, like restaurants, tend to be busy areas, and granite counters are more than capable of standing up to the rigours of a hectic, modern lifestyle or intensive commercial usage.

The toughness of granite also comes in handy in the bathroom and toilet – bathroom granite countertops don’t mind getting wet!

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Why Canvastone’s customers choose granite countertops

Countertops were an integral part of the development of fitted kitchens, which introduced the concept of cabinet units and appliances nesting beneath a continuous work surface.

Besides cost, the main considerations in deciding the countertop material to use are:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Hygiene

Common countertops utilised in Singapore include laminate, glass, tiled, stainless steel, wood, solid surface man-made materials, engineered stone, and natural stone, such as granite.

The appeal of granite tops

Granite is an ideal choice for residential and commercial property owners seeking classic, long-lasting, and visually-appealing finishes.

The main characteristics of granite that appeal to so many people are:

  • Variety of patterning. The various vein patterns, specks, and swirls that naturally occur in granite make it easy to find granite counters that will complement your overall kitchen, bathroom, or amenity design.
  • Uniqueness. You’ll never see two natural granite countertops that are precisely identical. Granite is fabricated by a granite countertop company from blocks quarried from natural rock formations, so it retains its organic colouring and patterns, giving your kitchen and bathroom counters a truly individual look.
  • Colour choice. Granite worktops come in a host of different colours, including hues of red, blue, brown, and green. The colour of your granite surface depends on the various types of crystals that it contains.
  • Diversity of finishes. Granite countertop finishes can be tailored to your individual tastes. Polished surfaces are popular for kitchens, while a honed surface has a more natural appearance.
  • Edge profile options. The choice of granite countertop edges gives you a further opportunity for customisation. Popular types of edge profiles include mitred, square, and
  • Easy maintenance. Granite work surfaces, with appropriate sealing to guard against spills and staining, will last for years and years with minimal upkeep.

Case study: Recommendations from granite countertop company

When Li Yiling was shopping around for the material of the buffet counter in her new restaurant, she had a hard time deciding whether to opt for granite or quartz (engineered quartzite). She’d learnt that:

  • Granite isn’t as strong as engineered quartz.
  • Granite doesn’t offer the same level of colour consistency.
  • Granite slab countertops need to be sealed.

In the end, Yiling chose granite. Why? She also found out, through expert advice, that:

  • Granite is still extremely resilient and durable.
  • Heat resistance of the countertop is crucial, and granite excels in this property.
  • She liked the uniqueness of granite’s natural colouring.
  • With a polished finish, granite is easy to clean.
  • Granite is about similarly priced as the quartz surfaces she’d looked at.

Yiling concluded that a granite slab counter “hit all the right notes”, and she’s sure its return on investment would be positive.

Cost of granite countertops

Granite countertops prices start from S$80 per foot run. Cost varies with the size and thickness of the granite slab, availability and colour, grade or quality of the granite, and requirement of special edge profile or treatments.


Quality + Affordability

Canvastone – granite stone products supplier and contractor – is committed to providing homes and commercial setups with the best granite countertops at the most affordable prices.

To ensure the highest standards of customer service, we select the finest granite available, and our expert fabricators and installers can help to give you the customisation you want.

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