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Marble floor and wall tile supplier and installer, Canvastone, has a reputation of creating stunning, timeless visual impact in residential and business properties.

Tiles in general are manufactured with hard-wearing materials, including ceramic, metal, and stone, to provide coverings for walls, floors, roofs, and small surfaces such as countertops.

Thicker tiles are generally required for flooring, which needs to withstand more wear and tear than walls. The most common stones used for tiling are marble and granite.

Marble tiles for unfading beauty

Marble tiles are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of their robustness, resistance to water penetration, and natural beauty, but their use doesn’t have to be confined to these areas. Marble tiling can enhance many other spaces including hallways and conservatories.

Stone is naturally porous, and marble tiling is less durable and stain-resistant than granite, and is susceptible to damage from acids. Granite, however, is prone to staining by grease and oil. To minimise these problems, stone tiles – unlike most ceramic tiling – need to be sealed and resealed as necessary to protect them from spills, dirt, and wearing away of grout.

Unlike some interior design styles, the elegance of marble tiling will never go out of fashion, so you won’t have to revamp your home or commercial property every few years to keep up with the latest trends.

Besides providing a sense of grandeur, marble tiling has remained popular because it’s tough, practical and hygienic. Marble floor tiles and wall coverings are especially favoured in Singapore because they help to keep homes cooler in the tropical climate.

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Canvastone recommends marble floor and wall tiles for luxury

  • Marble walls and marble flooring give a room a sense of character. No two marble tiles are precisely the same: the coloured veins that flow through them will vary slightly from tile to tile.
  • This unique quality has a financial benefit as well as an aesthetic one. Because marble-tiled walls and marble floors look so sophisticated, they represent an excellent return on investment by adding value to your property.
  • For householders who want an eco-friendly property, marble is a completely natural product – created by nature itself as limestone recrystallised.
  • Marble tiling, particularly for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors, has hygienic properties: it won’t harbour microbes, dust, or flakes of skin, which also makes it easier to keep clean than many other surfaces.
  • Marble bathroom tiles are also a good option for property owners thinking about installing underfloor heating: marble is an efficient heat conductor.
  • Marble tiles come in a wide range of colours, including brilliant white, black, brown, blue and red. Popular finishes for marble tiling include polished and honed.

Case study: Adding a splash of colour with marble wall tiles

The splashback above the sink in Richard Lim’s kitchen had seen better days, and he’d never been happy with it anyway. It’s so small, in both height and width, that he’s forever having to scrub away at staining on the surrounding paintwork – which wasn’t doing his wall a great deal of good!

Richard’s kitchen was predominantly white, with cream-coloured countertops, so he wanted a splashback that would create a striking contrast while being extremely functional in protecting his wall.

He considered the pros and cons of marble, granite, and engineered quartz. Eventually, Richard opted for a relatively large, red section of marble tiling to create a natural-looking feature that made a bold style statement, with minimal expense: he’d been surprised to find that marble tiles could work out 50% cheaper than branded high-end quartz tiling.

Now Richard can sit back and admire his new easy-care kitchen feature instead of having to toil away trying to keep his paintwork clean.

Marble tiles price

The cost of marble tiles starts from S$15 per square foot. The actual pricing would depend on a few factors: marble type, grade, size and thickness, and treatments and dry lay required.


Quality + Affordability

Canvastone specialises in marble products, and is expert in the supply and installation of quality marble floor and wall tiles.

Our team of skilled marble technicians can transform your walls and flooring into long-lasting highly-attractive features that will enhance your quality of life.

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