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The magnificent appearance and unrivalled functionality of natural stone countertops, slabs, and tiles makes them highly-desirable features in homes and offices in Singapore.

To say that natural stone is steeped in history is an understatement. The stone worktops that grace so many properties today pre-date the dawn of mankind by billions of years.

Stone has been put to good use by civilisations for centuries. Today, the vast varieties of natural stone, coupled with the uniqueness within each one, provides a huge palette to choose from in enhancing the places where we live and work.

Natural stone, as opposed to engineered stone, is completely free from synthetic additives, but its surface can be finished in several ways to enhance any setting.

Advantages of natural stone countertops, slabs, and tiles

Many householders opt for natural stone countertops, slabs and tiles because they can transform a kitchen or bathroom into an aesthetically-pleasing space without sacrificing functionality.

Other benefits of natural stone surfaces include:

  • Durability. Stone surfaces, including natural stone wall tiles, have an incredible longevity, while requiring minimal maintenance. Their robustness enables them to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life in the home.
  • Uniqueness. No two slabs of natural stone are exactly the same. This allows you to create a kitchen or bathroom unlike no other. A quality stone surfaces supplier and installer can help you to find a colour and design pattern that matches the character of any space.
  • Value. No other surface material will enhance the value of your home or business premises like natural stone. If you decide to sell your property, a kitchen or bathroom with natural stone countertops or natural stone floor tiles will be a magnet for potential buyers.
  • Flexibility. Because each slab of stone is cut specifically to order, they can be incorporated into any design you desire. Natural stone gives you the flexibility to create the countertops of your dreams.
  • Climate friendly. High levels of humidity and strong sunlight, particularly in Singapore’s tropical climate, can damage synthetic surfaces, especially exterior flooring like patios. Natural stone surfaces, when properly sealed, will be resistant to moisture. Neither will their colour fade because of exposure to the sun.
Which stone surface should I choose?

When you think about natural stone kitchen countertops, the image that springs to mind is probably one of the grandeur of polished marble.

While marble (price range: S$140 – S$380 per foot run*) is still a classic choice in Singapore, particularly for kitchens and as natural stone flooring, there’re many other stone materials that may be better suited to your tastes and needs.

Other varieties of stone popular in Singapore include granite (S$80 – S$180 per foot run*) and travertine. Another option is onyx (minimum S$1,800 per foot run*), which is especially good for bathtub surrounds and shower tiles, although its high cost puts it beyond the reach of many people.

*The price estimates are based on regular countertop of maximum 600mm width with installation.

Granite surface

Granite is an extremely hard-wearing material that lends itself for use as countertops and/or flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. Any reputable granite stone products supplier and installer will tell you that no man-made material can rival the character, colour, and sheer splendour of a granite surface.

Marble surface

The natural, timeless beauty of marble has made it the surface of choice in many kitchens and bathrooms. It comes in an array of colours and fantastic patterns. In the hands of a skilled installer of marble products for bathrooms, kitchens and showers, this stone’s enduring sophistication will add a touch of luxury to any space.

Travertine surface

Natural travertine, often a cream or reddish colour, is an impressive stone, softer than granite or marble. It appears sponge-like, but these tiny apertures can be filled by a travertine supplier for bathrooms and kitchens to create a more even surface.

Onyx surface

Distinguished by its translucency, beauty, and rarity, this stone can be polished by an onyx supplier to a very high gloss, and is ideal for vanity tops. Onyx is perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd. However, its natural scarcity makes it very expensive.

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Getting the right finish for your stone surface

Whichever type of stone product you select for your home or business, you’ll find there’re a range of finishes to choose from to create the precise level of aesthetic appearance, and functionality you’re aiming to achieve.

Popular choices of stone finish in Singapore are polished, honed, and flamed.

  • A polished finish – often found in marble and granite – is the least porous, and therefore easy to clean with mild detergents. It is, however, susceptible to scratches.
  • A honed finish – popular with limestone and travertine – is also extremely smooth, but looks softer and more natural because it lacks the intense, reflective shine of polished finishes.
  • A flamed finish – mainly used for marble – is achieved by concentrated heating followed by rapid cooling, which results in a rustic-looking, non-slippery, rough-textured surface, making it a popular choice for natural stone bathroom tiles.
Small details can have a big impact

The edging profile of a natural stone work surface might seem a small detail, but it can have a big impact on both appearance and functionality. Selecting the right edge profile will add the perfect finishing touch to your countertop.

The most commonly-used stone surface edging profiles in Singapore are square, bevelled, mitre, rounded, and bullnose.

  • Square edges give a simple, sleek appearance. A professional installer will ensure the edge isn’t too sharp, in the interests of safety and to prevent chipping.
  • Bevel edging is more impactful than square edges because it reflects more light. It’s ideal if you want a formal, elegant look.
  • Mitred edges can help to make your work surface a focal point, and they work well in both traditional and contemporary settings.
  • Round edges provide a simple, contemporary profile with an understated finish. The slick, smooth appearance is also functional in avoiding sharp edges.
  • A bullnose edge gives your countertop a timeless look, and is a good choice for traditional spaces.
Quality stone products at affordable prices

Singapore Stone Industry specialises in reasonably-priced natural stone surfaces. The company’s high-quality bespoke countertops, slabs, and tiles are crafted by expert technicians, from the extensive array of semi-finished natural stone products it imports directly.

Our focus on customer care is reflected by the excellent value for money offered by our comprehensive stone surface services – from installation to repairs and replacements – for residential and commercial premises. Our environmentally-friendly natural stone surfaces are guaranteed for up to 10 years, depending on the material and end product.

As an expert stone surfaces supplier and installer company committed to customer service, Singapore Stone Industry has one simple mission: to provide outstanding natural stone products that are affordable to the masses.

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