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Professional bathroom marble vanity and vanity top supplier and installer that will add a touch of class to your property

A quality bathroom marble vanity and vanity top supplier and installer will ensure that the graceful stylishness of this natural stone adds a sense of grandeur to your bathroom or toilet, while being sufficiently durable to cope with the problems associated with wet areas.

The subtle splendour of marble surfaces can give any bathroom or toilet a new lease of life, and a marble vanity exudes a stylish ambiance that man-made materials can never match.

In general terms, a vanity comprises a sink (or sinks) and countertop surface with cabinetry underneath. Besides providing storage space, the cabinets also conceal plumbing. They’re generally made with solid wood, plywood, or particle board.

Vanity tops are a crucial element of bathroom units and are available in various waterproofed or water-resistant materials, including wood, laminate, stone, and reconstituted stone. Vanities, and particularly their tops, are usually the centrepiece of a bathroom, dictating the style of the space, so the selection of countertop material deserves some thought.

While the surface you choose for your vanity will largely be governed by budget and taste, practicalities need to be considered too. The bathroom is no place for fragile surfaces that stain easily. They must be able to withstand the effects of water and products such as soap and cosmetics.

Marble vanity tops with a sink are a popular choice in Singapore, mainly for their delightful looks, created by the way the stone was formed from dolomite or limestone rock being subjected to pressure and heat.

Benefits of bathroom marble vanities and vanity tops
  • Although marble is porous, it won’t draw in water, which makes it a favourite option for bathroom countertops.
  • Each piece of marble has slightly different veining and colouring, so your bathroom marble top will be unique.
  • While you may have concerns about the use of marble in kitchens because of the stone’s vulnerability to scratching, this poses much less of a problem in bathrooms, where sharp objects are unlikely to come into contact with the countertop.
  • With proper maintenance, such as cleaning up spills before they produce staining, a marble vanity top will remain an elegant focal point of your bathroom for many years. In fact, marble surfaces tend to become more attractive as time passes.
  • If you’re considering putting your home on the market, the feel of sophistication that a marble vanity top brings to a bathroom will be an appealing feature for prospective buyers, potentially increasing the value of your property.
  • Although marble vanity countertops are more absorbent than granite counters, they’re still tough enough to handle everyday wear and tear in a bathroom. Some people regard granite surfaces as too old-fashioned for their tastes.
  • Marble has come down in price significantly over time and can be comparable with the cost of granite and 50% cheaper than branded high-end engineered quartz.
  • Marble tops for the bathroom come in a variety of colours, including black, white, blue, green and golden. A custom marble vanity top can be styled to your particular preferences, with finishes including polished and honed, and different edge profiles, such as mitred and bevelled.

A note: Double vanities, where two sinks are set into one unit, provide the extra convenience that two people can use a basin at the same time. And marble double vanity tops with sinks are proving particularly popular in Singapore.

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Singapore Stone Industry directly imports its semi-finished marble products for bathrooms, showers, and toilets. This enables us to offer a wide range of quality bathroom marble countertops fabricated to the highest standards to meet your individual requirements, and installed by our experienced technicians.

Singapore Stone Industry’s mission to supply and install affordable marble vanities is backed by our total commitment to customer service.

Our expertise in marble surfaces will ensure your new countertops form a sophisticated focal point that will give your bathroom an enduring sense of luxuriousness.

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