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Experienced travertine stone wall cladding and panel supplier and installer that will give your home a quality, affordable makeover

A specialist travertine stone wall cladding and panel supplier and installer can help you to create a feel of luxury and style in your home or business establishment, combined with practicality and durability, at a relatively low cost.

Used for sound insulation and as protection against damp and rain, cladding and panels provide an additional layer of material on walls

To enhance the appearance of a property, travertine veneer panels are cut to a consistent size and thickness to provide decorative and protective coverings for both interior and outside walls.

Travertine exterior wall cladding is particularly good at coping with the rigours of hot weather, which makes it a popular choice in areas such as Singapore, with its tropical climate of high temperatures throughout the year.

Concern has spread worldwide about the fire-safety aspects of exterior wall cladding in the wake of the Grenfell Tower inferno in London in June 2017 that claimed the lives of scores of people. Composite cladding was blamed for helping to spread the fire, as it was in the case of a warehouse blaze fatality in Singapore the previous month.

You need have no safety worries with travertine cladding, which is non-combustible, as is demonstrated by its frequent use in fireplace hearths.

A reputable and conscientious travertine cladding supplier and installer will ensure that its materials conform to standards laid down by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The organisation maintains and enforces stringent fire-safety regulations to ensure buildings can withstand and contain outbreaks of fire, and took immediate action after the warehouse blaze.

Travertine stone cladding for homes and kitchens

While softer than granite and marble, travertine is still extremely durable, which makes it highly suitable as wall cladding and panels in bathrooms, shower rooms, and kitchens of homes and for commercial use.

Some property owners prefer the more natural appeal of this stone, with its pitted holes and troughs and sponge-like appearance.

If required, the naturally-occurring holes in travertine can be filled during the fabrication and finishing process. This will ensure greater water resistance when the stone is finally sealed, and produce a smoother, sleeker surface.

Another common travertine cladding finish is honed, for a less glossy, more understated effect that appears more natural.

Travertine comes with varying degrees of veining and patterning – depending on the level of minerals and impurities a particular piece of stone contains – in a range of colours including neutral beiges and creams, as well as more striking black, white, and silver. Because of the variations of colour patterns, no two pieces of travertine are exactly the same.

Case study: Choosing travertine wall cladding

When Wong Sihui remodelled her kitchen, she splashed out on a marble worktop to create an attractive focal point. But this left her with a limited budget when it came to choosing panelling to give her rather ordinary-looking walls a new lease of life.

She decided on travertine cladding after discovering this stone was less costly than marble and granite, and was also cheaper than quartz.

Sihui’s quickly taken with the classic allure of the natural veining and patterning of travertine, and its range of subtle colouring.

She chose cream-coloured travertine cladding with a matte finish to provide a sophisticated backdrop and aesthetic contrast to her highly-polished black marble countertops. She felt that the softer look of travertine perfectly balanced the harder marble surface it surrounded, giving her new kitchen a sense of harmony and design continuity.

From a practical point of view, Sihui’s happy that her new travertine wall cladding would be easier to keep clean than tiling and its numerous grout lines, as long as she avoided harsh cleaning products.

The best travertine stone wall cladding and panels

Singapore Stone Industry specialises as a travertine supplier, directly importing the best specimens of this luxurious-looking but highly affordable and durable natural stone.

The water- and fire-resistant properties of travertine cladding and panels provide a safe, protective and attractive covering for both exterior and interior walls including bathrooms, showers, and kitchens.

Our experienced technicians will install your new travertine stone cladding to the highest standards, ensuring it’ll provide a feeling of stylish elegance in your home for many years.

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