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Canvastone is a reliable marble wall cladding and panel supplier and installer. We assure you the materials we use are beautiful, yet completely safe.

Wall cladding and panels provide an extra layer of material over exterior and interior walls, typically to provide additional sound insulation and protection from rain and damp, and to improve the appearance of a property.

From a safety point of view, the 100% fire-resistant qualities of marble make it an ideal component for wall cladding and panels, especially in the current climate of concern over the fire-protection effectiveness of cladding in general.

Exterior marble cladding and interior marble panels are non-combustible: they won’t catch fire if they get hot.

Canvastone’s marble panelling enhances interior walls

In interior design, marble wall panels will give you the feel of an exterior space inside your house or commercial building. They can often be found adorning the walls of reception areas and lift lobbies of respectable buildings to create accent walls.

Being slightly translucent and light-reflective, marble can be more visually appealing than the solid, opaque properties of granite. The veining of marble is free-flowing, compared with the more consistent patterns of granite, so it appears more natural and organic.

A proficient installer skilled in matching the patterned veins on marble slabs at the seams (pattern matching or book-matching), will make their appearance even more stunning.

Thus, marble’s varied colours and patterning are perfect for adding a decorative accent to a space, and the more heavily-veined panels can create the main feature of a room.

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Canvastone’s marble cladding and panels for kitchens and bathrooms

Our popular marble products include cladding and panels because they provide a luxurious, yet easy-care alternative to tiling.

Newly-installed tiles look attractive with their fresh, spotless grout lines. But grout can be difficult to keep clean, which can result in discolouration and even the formation of mould. In removing the need for grout, marble panelling requires minimal maintenance and will look good for years.

A further convenience of marble cladding is that it can be installed on top of existing tiles. Although porous, marble won’t absorb water like sponge, and is therefore relatively waterproof.

Case study: Adding a dramatic touch with marble

Jiang Junming and Valerie Tan, having renovated the kitchen area of their open-plan kitchen/living room, wanted to breathe some new life into the rest of the space.

With marble countertops already taking pride of place in the kitchen, they knew all about the outstanding qualities of the stone as an elegant and functional work surface.

So, they decided that a section of marble wall panelling in their living room would be a good way of introducing a touch of sophistication to the space while maintaining a sense of design continuity.

As the existing décor of their open-plan area was based on light shades and tones, including the new cream-coloured kitchen worktops, the couple chose red marble panelling with a honed finish to add a dramatic splash of colour to the neutral backdrop.

Junming and Valerie had considered using quartz (engineered quartzite) panelling but preferred the more pronounced grains, flecks, and veins of marble. They also liked the idea that marble tends to darken slightly over time, which would bring subtle changes to the overall feel of their living space.

With a limited budget, cost was another important factor in their choice of stone – marble can be 50% less expensive than branded high-end quartz.

Cost of marble wall cladding and panels

Marble cladding and panelling prices are determined by a few factors:

  • Type of marble and if matching is required.
  • Size and thickness of the material.
  • Grade or quality.
  • Installation and/or treatment requirements.


Quality + Affordability

Canvastone specialises in marble cladding installations, and can offer you an extensive choice of the finest materials at affordable prices.

Our experienced installers would ensure your marble panels are well-fitted so that your rooms exhibit their intended elegance.

Our marble wall cladding and marble panels are fire- and water-resistant, which makes them an ideal protective covering for both exterior walls and interior surfaces of homes and business establishments.

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