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If you’ve installed stone surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops or flooring to add a touch of class to your home, you’ll want to protect your investment.

While natural stone and engineered stone surfaces are robust and long-lasting, time and everyday wear and tear will inevitably take their toll.

You can do a lot yourself to keep your stone surfaces in good condition. Regular cleaning with a cleanser suitable for your stone countertops is essential, and so is ensuring that acidic foods and drinks and hot items don’t come into direct contact with your stone surface.

However, there’ll probably come a time when you realise your prized stone slab or tiling has seen better days. That’s when you need help from specialists in stone surface services.

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Services Canvastone provides to tackle problems with stone surfaces

Identifying the source of the problem of your surface is the best way to find a solution, and this is where the help of a well-rounded specialist stone surfaces supplier and installer can be invaluable.

Of course, if you encounter ongoing problems with your stone surface that are impossible to rectify, Canvastone’s reliable installation and replacement services are at hand.

Countertop and floor polishing services

General wear will lead to loss of shine of stone surfaces, particularly marble, which is much softer than granite.

Further, efflorescence – a residue of white mineral salt forming on the surface when too much water gets onto stone – can occur.

We’ll be able to restore your stone product to its former glory by applying the correct polishing methods, using the right equipment.

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Countertop and floor repair and restoration services

Etching refers to the dull spots caused when acidic products such as vinegar are spilt on a stone surface.

Light etching can be removed with special polishing powder. However, more severe problems will require resurfacing of the stone by a repair and restoration specialist.

What’s more, your stone top or flooring could sustain damage when something hard and heavy is accidentally dropped on it, or cracks may form on your beloved granite or marble table top while being moved. Either way, you’ll need the expertise of a proficient restorer.

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Countertop and floor sealing and treatment services

All stone surfaces are susceptible to staining. And once your surface has become blemished, the unwanted mark can be difficult to remove. Staining can be prevented with the help of our sealing and treatment services.

Many other issues can beset stone surfaces, including yellowing, cracking, and flaking, and the cause may not be immediately apparent.

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Quality + Affordability

Canvastone has a wealth of experience in providing quality services as a stone surfaces specialist in installation and replacements, polishing techniques, sealing and other stone surface treatments, and repair and restoration.

Our stone surfaces services are provided by skilled technicians who keep abreast of the latest advances in stone-related technology and take pride in their high level of craftsmanship and precision in attention to detail.

Canvastone’s focus on customer service is reflected by our solid reputation as a stone services expert with the utmost integrity and our determination to exceed our customers’ expectations in giving your stone product the tender loving care it deserves.

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