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Expert travertine table top supplier and installer that will give your home a dash of elegance

An experienced travertine table top supplier and installer can introduce a sense of classic beauty and timeless elegance into your home or business establishment, and the stone is so durable that your travertine table top will last a lifetime.

As purely artistic expressions of creativity, table tops come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. However, as a functional piece of furniture in the home, a table top can be defined as a horizontal, flat surface. But this doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

Common shapes of table tops are rectangular, square, circular, semi-circular, or oval. Table tops are available in many sizes, from larger dining table surfaces to those for smaller bedside tables.

Table tops are typically made from solid wood, laminated plywood, MDF (medium-density fibreboard), glass, synthetic stone like quartz composite, and natural stone such as granite, marble, and travertine.

Benefits of travertine table tops

  • The visual appeal of a natural stone table top cannot be equalled by man-made materials, and travertine provides an attractive, affordable alternative to more expensive stone surfaces such as granite and marble. Travertine can also be less costly than quartz (engineered quartzite) materials.
  • Travertine table tops are resistant to heat and moisture.
  • The stone has a sponge-like appearance, caused by pitted holes on its surface, which adds a sense of textural depth to a room. If required, a quality travertine table top supplier and installer will be able to fill these holes to further strengthen the stone’s resistance to water infiltration when it’s sealed.
  • Travertine table tops are available in a range of styles and colours. Each piece of the stone has different levels of veining and patterns, so your travertine table top will be a unique design statement. Travertine colours include black, white, beige, brown, cream, yellow, and silver.
  • Travertine lends itself to a variety of finishes, the most popular of which are polished, for a sleek, glossy appearance, and honed, which softens reflected light to produce a more natural look. Your travertine table top can be further customised to your individual preferences with a selection of edge profiles, including bullnose, mitred, pencil round, and chamfered.
  • Many synthetic materials will gradually show signs of wear and tear as they begin to discolour or fade, but a travertine table will stand the test of time, providing a long-lasting, functional, and beautiful centrepiece in your home.
Travertine for a table surface that’s both stylish and practical

The natural beauty of a travertine table top can provide a striking feature in interior design when used to create a focal point. As travertine is softer than granite and marble, it can also create a more welcoming, warmer atmosphere in your dining area or living room.

The versatility of travertine allows you to choose a table top to match any style of design, from contemporary and modern minimalist to classic, retro, and high-tech. A travertine dining table, or a travertine coffee table or travertine side table in a living room, can add a finishing touch of sophisticated elegance to the space while being highly practical for everyday use.

You can keep your table surface in tip-top condition with basic measures such as using place mats and coasters to avoid scratches and staining. Any spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible, but avoid cleansing products that are abrasive or contain substances like bleach or vinegar.

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Affordable travertine table tops customised for you

Singapore Stone Industry’s wealth of experience as a travertine supplier enables us to fabricate and install travertine table tops of the highest quality at affordable prices.

We can offer you a bespoke service, tailoring your table top to your individual requirements, with a wide choice of finishes and edge profiles.

We directly import the finest stone for our travertine table tops, and our skilled technicians can ensure your new table surface will take pride of place in your dining area or living room.

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