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Canvastone is the quality marble countertop supplier and installer that can introduce an element of style into your home that captures the regal lavishness of ancient nobility.

Marble was once the preserve of the aristocracy and the privileged – a display of power and wealth adorning palaces, and the stone of choice for ancient Greek statues and Roman baths.

Today, it can be seen in many bathrooms and kitchens of ordinary homes and amenities of business premises. The main reason for its popularity is simply that it looks so good.

The subtle sheen of marble countertops evokes an air of elegance that can add an enduring ambiance to any property. The luminous luxuriousness of marble provides a fresh brightness that man-made materials can’t hope to achieve.

Marble countertops add value to your home

Countertops (or counters) came into their own with the development of fitted kitchens and bathrooms, providing a work surface above cabinets and appliances. Popular countertops in Singapore include wood, stainless steel, engineered stone, and natural stone such as granite or marble.

Marble countertops tend to be slightly more expensive than granite tops, but many home-owners consider that the inherent charm of marble is worth paying a little extra for. Compared with branded high-end engineered quartz, marble can be 50% cheaper.

Because kitchen and bathroom marble countertops are so highly regarded, they’re likely to add value to your property on resale. House-hunters focus on kitchens and bathrooms when viewing properties, and the pure splendour of marble counters will be a key selling point, compared with laminate or other lower-quality materials.

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Canvastone recommends customers marble counters for elegance

A possible drawback of marble in the kitchen is that due to its “soft” nature it’s susceptible to scratching. However, simply using a cutting board will protect your marble countertop.

Marble is also prone to staining as a result of spills.

Nevertheless, the pros far outweigh the cons of marble counters. The advantages of a marble counter include:

  • Appearance. The classic beauty of marble, with its heavy veining and graining, can turn your countertops into stylish focal points. Marble surfaces can actually become more beautiful with time and use.
  • Durability. Although a soft stone, marble is fairly heat resistant, and a marble kitchen counter will last the lifetime of your house, if properly sealed and maintained. While marble is porous, it won’t absorb water, which makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms.
  • Choice of colours and finishes. While white marble is a popular choice, the stone comes in a variety of hues, including cream, brown, green and white. Custom marble countertops can be finished to suit your taste preferences. Popular finishes include polished, honed, and leathered. You can also take your pick from a range of edge profiles, including bevelled and mitred.
  • Exclusivity. Marble was created from limestone rock through a natural process, so each piece of marble is different, and the variety of colouring and veining is frequently regarded as the stone’s best quality.
  • Lighter than granite. If you’re thinking about replacing a kitchen island top, you might find that a granite surface would be too heavy for the base to support. In this case, a marble island countertop would be perfect, because it’s lighter than granite, and its high level of functionality, coupled with stylish appearance, will give you valuable extra space for casual dining and food preparation.

Marble countertop price

Depending on various factors such as marble type and origin, size and thickness, grade, and edge profile or treatments required, marble countertop cost starts from S$140 per foot run.


Quality + Affordability

As a leading supplier and installer of marble products, Canvastone offers a wide range of the best-quality marble slab counters and marble tile countertops at affordable prices.

We source our marble products only from reputable first-tier distributors, and our experienced installers will fit your new countertops to the highest levels of craftsmanship.

In the hands of Canvastone, your amenities will be transformed into a mini palace of luxury.

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