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You’ll need the services of a marble and granite countertop and floor repair and restoration specialist when your stone surfaces are damaged.

Although natural stone surfaces are extremely hard-wearing, they’ll eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Marble especially so because it’s more porous than granite.

A timely countertop or floor repair by Canvastone will cost far less than having to install replacements.

When your worktop or flooring may need restoration

Signs your countertop or floor is in need of care from a marble or granite repair specialist:

  • Fading shine. Over time, stone surfaces can lose their lustre, particularly marble, which is softer than granite. A stone surfaces specialist can soon bring back the sparkle to your flooring or countertops.
  • Staining. All stone surfaces are prone to staining – by water and even rust – and these marks can be difficult to remove. The DIY approach may run the risk of costly errors, particularly if unsuitable chemical cleaning products are used. If in doubt, consult a company adept at granite worktop restoration or marble tile repair – like Canvastone.
  • Etching. These are the dull blemishes resulting from contact with acidic products such as vinegar and lemon juice. If the problem is minor, a stone polishing compound may do the trick. However, more severe cases will require more extensive restoration work to be done by the specialists.
  • Burn marks. Even though natural stones are highly resistant to heat, they can still be scorched. This is even more so for engineered quartz countertop, if you aren’t careful – thereby requiring heat damage repair services.
  • Cracking. A flat countertop edge profile is susceptible to chipping, whereas a large marble table top might break up while being moved without adequate reinforcement. Marble floor tiles may crack as a result of natural settling or poor installation. All these calls for professional top restoration.

Other indications that your stone surface needs repair or restoration include flaking and yellowing, and the longer the problem is allowed to persist, the harder it will be to rectify it.

Although some stones will naturally begin to turn yellow eventually, yellowing can occur when grime becomes embedded in the stone. Surface coatings such as vinyl film or wax can also yellow with age.

Flaking typically happens when stone is exposed to excessive amounts of water.

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Canvastone’s granite and marble top and flooring services

Calling in specialists in stone surface restoration and repair before problems get out of hand will avoid the expense and inconvenience of having to replace your floor tiles or countertop.

Canvastone’s services would entail the use of industry-leading tools, techniques, and chemicals to revive the appearance of jaded floors and countertops.

Generally, these are the steps we take during a restoration process. Of course, they’d vary under different conditions.

  1. Scratches, stains, etching, and other damage may be removed by grinding the top layer of the stone, while cracks and holes filled with an epoxy adhesive in a matching colour.
  2. The process is typically completed by deep cleaning and polishing to create a glossy finish or honing for a smooth, matte result.
  3. Finally, the surface will be resealed as a protection against further damage.

Countertop repair and restoration

Natural stone kitchen countertops such as marble and granite, and man-made engineered quartz worktops, can all suffer damage by staining, etching, scorching, and so forth.

If the unsightly marks are superficial, they could be removed by wiping down with a damp cloth and the right cleaning agent.

However, if the problem is more serious, calling on professional marble, granite, and quartz countertop repair services may then be necessary because appropriate buffing equipment would have to be used.

Marble table top repair

Sometimes, when the edge of a marble table top sustains a knock from a hard and heavy object, it may chip.

There’re also cases whereby cracks form on the top of a marble table – or worse, the table top breaks into a few pieces – when it’s moved from one place to another.

If your table top is one of a kind or too precious to be replaced, marble restoration services would then be required.

Marble statue repair

If you’ve chosen to splash out on a marble figurine to provide a focal point in your home or business premises, and it’s taken one hard knock too many, you’ll need services specialising in marble statue repair – experts in precision workmanship, concealing repair lines and preserving the restored area.


Quality + Affordability

Canvastone have been repairing and restoring granite, marble, travertine, and quartz countertops and floors, earning a reputation for our integrity as stone surface specialists and focus on customer satisfaction.

We keep the price of our repairs and restorations as low as possible while still providing quality materials and professional craftsmanship.

If your stone floors have seen better days, our granite, marble, and travertine floor restoration services can soon have your flooring looking as good as new.

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