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Quality custom granite vanity tops and vanities, supplied and installed by Canvastone, have the ability to reinvent your bathroom. They can provide a classy feature that helps to transform even the most jaded bathroom into a sophisticated space. Hence, a stylish, professionally-fitted granite vanity top with sink will give your bathroom a striking centrepiece.

Home Improvement Pages platform, Australia’s most-visited renovation and building website, discusses the importance of vanities and vanity tops in detail.

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A vanity comprises the bathroom basin (or basins) and the cabinet units beneath it. As well as providing a base for the sink and handy storage space, a vanity unit also conceals plumbing.

A major feature of this amenity is the vanity top, typically made of natural stone such as granite or marble, or reconstituted stone like quartz. Other common materials for vanity tops include concrete, laminate (Formica), and solid-surface materials composed of acrylic resin and crushed stone.

  • A vanity, and particularly its counter surface, dictates the style of a bathroom. For example, if you want a minimalist look, it’s a good idea to avoid ornate tops.
  • Another consideration when choosing your vanity top should be the level of upkeep it’ll require. A solid timber top, for instance, may quickly become water damaged if not cleaned and maintained properly.
  • Practicality is just as important as appearance. Because your bathroom is the largest wet area in your home, its vanity units and their tops need to be waterproof, or at lease moisture resistant.
  • Having said that, bathroom surfaces don’t have to withstand the same rigours as kitchen countertops, so issues such as style and cost will probably outweigh factors like sturdiness. Some bathroom countertop materials, however, combine attractiveness and strength in equal measure, and granite remains an enduring choice, despite the rising popularity of manufactured quartz.
  • Granite tops add a dramatic splendour to a bathroom, and they’re available in a seemingly endless variety of bold or subtle patterns and colours. They include white and black and shades of red, green, and blue.

Case study: Choosing a vanity top

With a limited budget for a bathroom renovation, Wee Lee and Jasmine initially discounted the idea of a granite vanity on the grounds of cost – it can be one of the more expensive countertop options.

But after a little research, the couple decided that the unrivalled natural beauty of granite was worth the expense.

Besides aesthetic considerations, they reasoned that splashing out on one outstanding, sophisticated feature in their bathroom was likely to add resale value to their home.

They also learnt that, compared with other natural stones and synthetic stones:

  • A granite vanity top will virtually last forever because of its extremely high level of durability.
  • Granite is ideal for a bathroom because it’s impervious to humidity.
  • A bathroom granite vanity top won’t be damaged by heat – so Jasmine doesn’t have to worry about where she puts down her hot curling tongs!
  • Granite is scratch resistant and, when properly sealed, needs only minimal maintenance.
  • A granite vanity top actually doesn’t cost more than regular engineered quartz.

Cost of a custom bathroom granite vanity top

Depending on the size and thickness, colour and availability, grade or quality of the granite, a granite vanity top is estimated to cost S$80 per foot run or more.


Quality + Affordability

Your vanity is likely to be the focal point of your bathroom, and Canvastone, a specialist granite stone products supplier and contractor, can help you to find an affordable vanity unit that blends in with the rest of the space.

We source widely for our granite products, so we can offer you an extensive range of colours and patterns to give you a custom granite vanity top tailored to your individual tastes.

Our skilled granite fabrication and installation teams, combined with our company philosophy of total commitment to our customers, will ensure your granite bathroom vanity countertop is a stylish feature of your bathroom that will be easy to maintain and is likely to last a lifetime.

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