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As a leading granite products supplier and installer, Canvastone can help you to make the ultimate design statement in your home or business establishment.

With unparalleled durability, outstanding hygienic properties and a broad spectrum of natural colours, granite surfaces provide a highly-functional and exceptionally visually-appealing feature in kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite is an igneous rock, created up to 3 billion years ago as molten magma cooled in the Earth’s crust. So, it’s a completely natural product.

Thanks to developments in stone technology, granite and other natural stone products have come down in price over the years. And they’re now within the financial reach of a much wider range of home and business owners looking to add a touch of class to their premises.

Advantages of a granite work surface

One of the main benefits of granite over some other natural stones is its low porosity. Granite’s tightly-packed, interlocking crystalline structure gives bacteria no place to lurk, and makes it water and stain resistant, keeping its polished appearance for many years.

Compared with marble, granite surfaces require less maintenance because they’re harder and therefore less susceptible to scratches.

Other advantages of granite surfaces include:

  • Robustness. Granite is tough and hard-wearing, and may even last longer than your house. It’s scratch resistant and famous for its durability.
  • Adaptability. Granite can be used for countertops and flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, and offices.
  • Attractiveness. Granite is a beautiful stone, and you can choose from an array of colours. When put to use in kitchens and bathrooms, it’ll add value to your home.

With proper care, granite’s lustre won’t fade over time. Use cutting boards, coasters, and trivets to protect granite tops; and avoid ammonia-based cleansers, which can damage the surface.

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Canvastone’s granite stone products

The elegant quality of granite makes it stand out from other stones, and its durability has made it the most popular choice for a natural stone work surface.

Polished finish is a popular choice for granite. It reinforces the stone’s low porosity, making it even easier to clean with a gentle household cleanser.

Granite top edge profiles are often bevelled (for a formal look), mitred (suitable for both conventional and more modern settings), or half-bullnose (ideal for traditional spaces).

Granite countertops

Because of its attractiveness and the ability to withstand wear and tear, granite is a popular choice for countertops.

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Granite slabs

Granite slabs exude splendour, and they’re used to cover a large surface area with fewer seams showing.

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Granite vanity tops

As granite is more water and stain resistant and typically cost less than marble, granite vanity tops are a great pick for nature lovers.

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Granite colours

The wide range of colours of granite countertops, vanity tops, and slabs means you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to making a selection from nature’s very own colour palette.

Colour is a crucial element of interior design. Certain shades will make small spaces look larger, while other hues can have a mood-enhancing effect.

While perceptions of colour are largely subjective, certain hues tend to have universal implications. For example, shades of red are widely regarded as warm colours, while hues on the blue side of the spectrum are seen as calming. If you’re considering putting your home on the market, neutral granite-top colours such as beige or grey will appeal to many prospective buyers.

Black granite

Black might be regarded by some as having negative overtones, but many see it as a powerful colour expressing confidence. In ancient Egypt, black represented life and rebirth. Black granite slab and tile worktops can accentuate contrasts with other aspects of your interior design.

Blue granite

Blue is often found in nature, such as the dark blue of a deep pool of water or the pale blue of the sky. Bringing the beauty of the natural world into our homes with blue granite countertops produces sensations of quietness and serenity.

Brown granite

Brown is a natural hue that evokes a sense of reliability and strength. Reminiscent of earth, it’s associated with security and dependability. Granite is rich in different shades of brown, including dark brown countertops and Baltic brown granite.

Green granite

Green is even more strongly associated with nature than blue, and is a refreshing yet tranquil color – that’s why TV studios have a “green room” for guests. Green granite vanity tops will bring a feeling of calmness to a bathroom.

Grey granite

As a combination of black and white, grey is virtually absent of colour, so it draws little attention to itself. This makes grey granite worktops ideal in providing contrast in an otherwise brightly-coloured space.

Pink granite

Traditionally regarded as a girlish colour, pink can introduce a feeling of warmth to bathrooms and kitchens. Pink granite tops, against a backdrop of masculine hues like navy blue, can add a feminine balance.

Red granite

Attention-grabbing red is an energetic, intense colour that can also evoke a comforting feeling. Red granite surfaces will add an exciting splash of colour in a predominantly white or neutral kitchen or bathroom.

Pricing of granite tops

The granite price per foot run is generally S$80 or more per foot run. It’s comparable to a standard quartz installation.

However, the unique detail and colour patterning of a granite surface – i.e. no two pieces of granite are exactly the same – will add a look of luxury to any home or office. It’ll also provide the opportunity to express your personal design tastes and style preferences.


Quality + Affordability

Canvastone, a highly-reliable distributor and contractor of granite stone products in homes and commercial setups with a team of more than 10, ensures it uses only the best materials by acquiring fine quality stones from trustworthy sources.

We continue to build up a strong reputation as a dependable granite top supplier and fitter, and our highly-trained technicians and partners have a wealth of experience in the business. So, you know your new granite surface will be installed to the highest levels of professionalism.

Canvastone customer service and aftercare is second to none, thereby providing outstanding value for your money.

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