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Experienced installation and replacement contractor for granite and marble countertop and flooring and more that will provide you professional fitting

Hiring a professional installation and replacement contractor for granite and marble countertop and flooring and more is your best bet if your existing countertops or flooring surfaces have seen better days to the extent of being beyond repair.

All surfaces in a home or business will wear out over time, even highly-durable stone materials like granite and marble.

If you decide to replace your countertops with a natural or engineered stone product – as opposed to ceramic tiling, for example – the services of a reputable stone countertop replacement contractor will guarantee your new counters are installed to the highest standards.

In fact, according “A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Stone Countertop Installation” published by Marble Institute of America, the full potential of the natural beauty and durability of stone countertops can only be achieved by professional designers, fabricators, and installers.

Firstly, though, you need to decide which type of stone surface you want. You may decide to stick with what you know, or go for something different. If you’re thinking about installing a stone surface of a different type from your old one, knowing the basic properties of that particular stone will help you in your selection process.


Granite is a very hard-wearing substance, with excellent hygienic properties, that’s ideal for countertops and flooring in bathrooms and kitchens. A granite countertop installation will need less maintenance than marble, which is a softer stone.

A granite installation process carried out to professional standards will retain its polished appearance for a long time. Granite installation costs have come down over the years, due to advances in stone technology.

Whether you opt for a granite tile installation or granite slabs, an experienced granite countertop replacement contractor can ensure your new surface will be a visually-striking centrepiece of your kitchen or bathroom that will give you many years of exceptional service.


Marble is characterised by its timeless elegance, wide choice of colours and beautiful patterns. However, it can be more vulnerable to stains and scratches than granite, so you need to be more careful how you treat it.

A marble flooring installation or marble wall installation can enhance the look of any room. Marble floor installation costs and marble wall cladding are comparable with the price of granite surfaces.

A marble countertop installation will add a sense of sophistication in bathrooms and kitchens. A marble tile installation carried out by a reliable marble installation company can also dramatically enhance the appearance of splashbacks and bathtub surrounds.


A travertine installation is a good choice if you’re looking to create a feeling that’s subtler than granite or marble. Travertine is often used for feature walls, wall cladding, bathroom and kitchen countertops, and table tops.

Engineered quartz

The manufacturing process of quartz makes this engineered stone more resilient to wear and tear than natural stone surfaces. The minimal porosity of the product also results in a quartz worktop installation being more resistant to mildew and mould. Quartz countertop installations are priced on a similar level to mid-range natural stone surfaces.

The basic steps of a stone countertop installation
  1. Selecting your countertop. Each piece of natural stone is unique, with different “movement” of flowing veins and patterns. Naturally-occurring fissures, pits, and cracks may also be present in the samples or slabs you’re viewing. Services provided by a stone surfaces specialist will include filling crevices in natural stones with a glossy resin, if you believe this would enhance the appearance of the polished slab.
  2. Ask about seams. The layout of the seams of countertops plays a big role in the overall appearance of the completed installation. Ask your contractor where seams will fall, particularly if you’ve chosen a high-end product, which tends to have more obvious veining and movement.
  3. Edge profiles. Edge profiles can add an elegant touch to your countertops, but profiles with sharp corners and narrow projections are more prone to chipping than those with a curved profile. A professional stone fabricator will be able to customise your countertop from a large range of edging profiles, and offer advice if you have something special in mind. Professionally-finished edge profiles will be smooth along the entire length of your countertop.
  4. Installation. Your countertops will be “dry assembled” in your home to make sure of a precise fit before application of a non-staining adhesive. After the countertops have been installed and the seams filled, a sealant will be required for natural stones because of their porosity. (Engineered quartz doesn’t need to be sealed because it’s virtually non-porous). If your countertop comprises tiles as opposed to slabs, and they have obvious veins, a stone countertop specialist will ensure the veining runs in the same direction. Your bathroom or kitchen countertop installation may need additional work such as fitting of cabinets and plumbing and electrics. These jobs aren’t typically the responsibility of your countertop installer.
  5. Final inspection. At the end of the installation process, you and your contractor will inspect the job together, giving you the opportunity to raise any concerns or request further finishing touches. Once you’re completely satisfied with the work, your warranty is activated.

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Care and maintenance of your new stone surfaces

Once your new stone surface is in place, it’s important to know how to take care of it properly to protect your investment. Each type of stone requires a different approach to maintenance, but some general guidance applies to all stone varieties:

  • Excessive heat can crack a stone counter, so protect your kitchen worktop from hot pans. Use trivets that will allow airflow under the hot item, especially in the case of slow cookers, which expose a countertop to heat over several hours.
  • Naturally-occurring fissures in a stone surface can crack if subjected to too much weight. If you’re decorating above a countertop, don’t be tempted to stand on it to get at hard-to-reach spots. Use a stepladder.
  • Clean up spills straight away. Most stone surfaces, including worktops and floors, can sustain damage from acidic products such as vinegar and citric fruit juices. You also need to be careful in your choice of cleaning product: cleansers containing bleach or ammonia can etch a stone surface, even if it’s been sealed. Prevent the risk of scratches on countertops by using a cutting board when chopping or slicing food.
  • Stone sealants don’t last forever, because wear and tear erodes the finish. Light-coloured stone generally requires resealing after 1 – 3 years, while stone of a darker colour can go from 3 to 5 years before needing a new sealant. For work surfaces, resealing intervals will be much shorter.

A granite, marble, and travertine countertop, flooring, and wall installation and replacement contractor you can depend on

If you think your countertops, flooring, or wall panelling need changing, Singapore Stone Industry would be happy to share our expertise in stone surfaces with you.

We can offer advice on all aspects of a new installation of natural stone or engineered stone products, including selection, fabrication, and the final installation process.

We can also give you guidance on how best to look after your new stone surface.

Singapore Stone Industry’s team of skilled technicians have combined experience of more than 50 years. Our replacement installations are guaranteed for up to 10 years, depending on the materials.

Our mission is to provide quality stone surface installations within the budget of average Singaporean households and small businesses.

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