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Dependable granite slab supplier and installer that will save you money

An experienced granite slab supplier and installer can save you from paying top dollar for your stone counters, by cutting out the middleman. They’ll also offer you a wider choice of granite slab products than you’ll find in local stores.

Each slab of granite looks slightly different, due to their organic origins. And they come in a broad spectrum of naturally-occurring colours, including black, white and grey, and veined patterning.

A reputable stone fabricator and contractor can help you to take full advantage of this unique detailing by finding granite slabs that will harmonise beautifully with your home or corporate interior design. They’re also skilled in matching the patterned veins on the slabs at the seams (pattern matching or book-matching), thereby making their appearance even more stunning.

Granite slabs contain several minerals including quartz, feldspar, and mica, which give them a grainy, coarse texture. The interlocking crystals in granite slabs – formed from intense heat and pressure beneath the Earth’s surface – makes them incredibly strong and heat-resistant.

Slabs of granite are produced by cutting up large granite blocks. These slabs can be cut to size to fit your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room, and then cleaned and polished.

Granite slabs are also often treated with a water-repellent resin as a sealant. This process also helps to brighten the colour of the stone.

Granite slabs vs granite tiles
  • Granite slabs, as opposed to tiles, come into their own if you need to cover a large surface area, with fewer seams showing. (You may need more than one slab if your countertop is longer than 7 feet.) While tiles have the advantage of not having to remove existing tops, they require many grouted seams. A further option is provided by modular granite, known as mini-slabs. These produce fewer seams than tiling.
  • Slab granite is perfect for complementing kitchens with a contemporary look, and for small spaces with a simple layout; while granite tiling works better if your counter arrangement is complicated, with difficult spaces.
  • Although a granite slab should be resealed periodically, it’s easier to clean than granite tile grouting, which absorbs stains and also has to be resealed regularly.
  • Granite slab counters typically cost more per square metre than their tiled counterparts, but tiles may be more expensive to maintain in the long run.

One note of caution: granite slabs are extremely heavy, so their installation can never be a DIY job.

Fissures and pits in granite slabs

Fissures occur organically in natural stones like granite through the pressure and heat during formation. They look like cracks, although they’re not.

Some granite slabs may also have pits – gaps between the mineral composition – that you may be able to feel if you run your hand over the stone.

Pits and fissures don’t compromise the integrity of granite slabs, and many people think they enhance the appearance of the stone.

If, however, you prefer a perfectly-uniform surface, man-made quartz may be more to your taste. They cost about the same.

Take advantage of granite slab wholesale prices

When looking around for granite slabs, you’ll find only a limited supply in high street home improvement stores. A professional granite stone products supplier and installer, will be able to offer you a far wider variety of choice, typically at lower, granite slab wholesale prices.

Another reason to buy your granite slabs direct from a stone fabricator and installation company is that these are the people who will actually fit the work surfaces in your home or place of business. A retail outlet will outsource this work to a third party, which can result in a lot of confusion should problems arise.

Wish to speak with an experienced and dependable stone surfaces supplier and installer about your needs?

High-quality low-cost granite slab products

Singapore Stone Industry specialises in the supply and installation of granite slab products at affordable prices.

Its team, with a combined experience of more than 50 years in the industry, consists of expert granite fabricators and fitters, so you know you’re getting the best granite slabs on the market, installed to the highest standards.

Besides installation, Singapore Stone Industry also provides granite slab maintenance and repair services for residential, commercial, and corporate premises.

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